Premier, bring the public with you on fight against crime

Premier resolute on tough anti criminal gang laws

At the press conference with the Premier yesterday, when commenting on a question raised over the backlash to the bikie laws, the Premier said quite emphatically in his comments “..They do not impact upon innocent Queenslanders..”.
I think that for many people, any backlash is not over the intent to break up criminal organisations or keeping the community safe, it’s the lack of confidence that innocent people won’t be inadvertently affected by these laws.
Simple throw away statements that innocent people won’t be affected just don’t cut it. The public need reassurance of this fact more than any other, legacy no doubt of the cynicism many feel towards politics and politicians.
Absolutely, stick to the commitment of getting rid of crime, but unambiguous, demonstrable assurances that innocent people going about their business won’t be impacted will help get the public onside in the fight and not off side.
I think this is the issue that the Qld Government is failing to adequately acknowledge or address in their war on crime.