Potential Maroochy River hazard

Sunshine Coast Council - Queensland - Australia

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Sunshine Coast Council has issued a warning to residents and visitors to avoid using the Maroochy River and Coolum Creek due to hazardous conditions.
In recent days the high tides have damaged and dislodged some of the wooden structures installed in the Maroochy River, to reinstate fish habitat and encourage natural ecological processes.
As well as the usual debris associated with flooding and high tides, it is possible that some of the logs may be floating free in the river posing a potential risk to users.
Local Disaster Co-ordinator, Alan Rogers has advised residents and visitors to avoid all river activity – including swimming, boating and waterskiing – until further notice.
“Council officers have undertaken several passes of the river, up and down stream from the site, to locate and secure any loose logs,” Mr Rogers said.
“We are endeavouring to make safe the structures and Maritime Services Queensland is aware of the matter.
Also, as a matter of priority, we are arranging for specialists to inspect the structures and provide advice about how best to make them safe in the long term.
Access to the river should be avoided over the next few days. When safer conditions are advised, all users are reminded to proceed cautiously in turbid waters to avoid debris at or near the water’s surface, particularly after large rainfall events and very high tides.