Mindset Shift Helps Don Continue to Live and Love Life With Prostate Cancer

29 September, 2021
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Sunshine Coast resident Don Barnes has experienced it all through his ten year cancer journey including business breakdown, bankruptcy and divorce but a strong mindset and a willingness to be open to a variety of treatment options has seen him not only survive but thrive.

L-R: Don Barnes, Shernita Barnes, Nannah Barnes and Sarah Spann.

L-R: Don Barnes, Shernita Barnes, Nannah Barnes and Sarah Spann.

Don was encouraged to write his book Surviving Prostate Cancer: How I Fought Prostate Cancer and Built a Life I Love after receiving encouragement from a good friend and business mentor so he could share his experience living with cancer to help other men who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer.

The book was written by local nutritionist, wellness coach and author Sarah Spann who helps Don share his story of the treatment choices he made, the difficulties men can face and how he overcame these difficulties to lead a full life.

The book also provides a raw account of how Don confronted the trifecta of cancer, relationship breakdown, and business bankruptcy and explains how his mindset helped him rebuild his life.

“At the time of writing, I had been living with prostate cancer for 11 years. Leading up to my diagnosis, I was recovering from a traumatic motorbike accident and the pain in my groin coincided with the pain from the accident.

“As a bloke, I didn’t say anything about the symptoms and when I was diagnosed the cancer had already spread. I was told I may have only three years to live but I refused to accept this and decided I was not going to give up, I was going to trust my instincts and fight for my life,” Don said.

In the book Don explains how he has lived a full life with cancer while always keeping his scheduled visits with specialists and the importance of regular radiation therapy which he feels benefit him. In addition to the medical treatments Don chose to learn as much as he could about using his body and mind to fight the cancer. “I’ve learnt that taking care of my body can help minimise side effects of some medical treatments and I made positive changes to my diet with a particular focus on eliminating my sugar intake.

“Exercise and strength building are also important to build the body’s defences and I still exercise daily while also keeping up my mental resilience through positive thinking and talking to people I trust. I must be consistent with living a healthy lifestyle and building my immune system to be in the best health to fight the cancer.

“I am enjoying a good quality of life despite having prostate cancer. It has not stopped me from living the life I want, including marrying my new wife Nannah and becoming a father, when most other men my age are thinking about retirement.

“Nannah and I have also created a business together where we work side-by-side on a daily basis, so it’s great to work with someone I love and who also has a personal interest in the business. My cancer has progressed and metastasised further over the years, yet I continue to move forward with the love and support of my family, friends, and my strong mindset.

“My hope for anyone who is diagnosed with cancer is they know they are not powerless, to trust their gut and advocate for their health so they can access the help and information that is available,” Don said.

The e-book can be purchased for $3.99 on Amazon Kindle and the paperback version is available to be purchased for $14.99 from Amazon and Harry Hartog Bookseller at the Sunshine Plaza in Maroochydore.

Don will launch his book, Surviving Prostate Cancer: How I Fought Prostate Cancer and Built a Life I Love on Wednesday 6 October from 5.30 pm at the Duporth Tavern.