Police Reduce Booking Tolerance for Speeding and Publish Camera Sites

19 June, 2013
Author: Charles Hodgson

Commissioner Ian Stewart today (June 18) announced new road safety initiatives which will be rolled out on July 1 as part of ongoing efforts to reduce the state’s road toll.
Commissioner Ian Stewart said initiatives would include a reduction in speed tolerances and the publishing of speed camera locations in Queensland.**
“We need to take a stand as the road toll is unacceptably high,” Commissioner Stewart said.
“Speeding kills and we will continue to enforce the speed limit in an effort to make our roads safer for all.”
The road toll is currently 138 which is 16 more deaths than the same time last year, 28 more than in 2011 and 30 more than the same time in 2010.
In 2012, there were 59 fatalities as a result of crashes involving speeding drivers or riders within Queensland, representing 21% of the road toll.
Commissioner Stewart said changes were being announced now to give drivers advance warning.
“We want all road users to take personal responsibility and join police in working to reduce the road toll.
“Changes to speed tolerances will be incremental over time, and will be guided by evidence such as the road toll and public compliance with the speed limits.
“The level of speed tolerances won’t be revealed to avoid creating a de facto speed limit.
“The speed limit is the maximum. It is not a guide or a recommendation. We hope to not see an increase in the number of tickets issued at all.
“If you obey the speed limit, and treat it as a limit rather than a guide, you won’t receive a ticket.”
From July 1, the Queensland Police Service will begin publishing speed camera locations throughout Queensland via www.police.qld.gov.au.