Police crime stats – now see for yourself

15 years of Queensland Police Crime Statistics

Queenslanders can now see the state’s month-by-month crime statistics for the past 15 years after an open data website was launched by Police Minister Jack Dempsey this morning.
Mr Dempsey, Queensland Police Service (QPS) Commissioner Bob Atkinson and Commissioner Designate Ian Stewart also launched the Annual Statistical Review showing the state’s crime figures for the year ending 30 June this year.
Mr Dempsey said the review shows the challenges faced by the Newman Government, with overall crime during that period increasing by six per cent, including offences against the persons jumping by two per cent, offences against property by six per cent and other offences by six per cent.
“Since taking office, the Newman Government has already moved to counter this trend,” Mr Dempsey said.
“These figures show that the former Labor Government was too soft on crime and had insufficient deterrents in place.
“In the past six months the LNP has already committed an additional 1,100 police officers across the state over the next four years.
“This Government has already doubled the maximum penalty for assaulting a police officer, has or will introduce minimum mandatory sentences for crimes such as illegal firearms use and evade police and is about to introduce the toughest anti-hooning laws in the country.
“This Government will also be seeking to encourage community involvement in tackling crime with $1 million a year to help revitalise the Neighbourhood Watch and Crimestoppers services.
“The seven myPolice blogs announced are already fielding results with more community blogs expected to be launched in the coming months.”
Commissioner Atkinson said that while the increase in the crime rate over the past year was concerning, the overall crime rates had decreased by 17 per cent since 2002/03.
“There has been a significant reduction in some categories over the past 12 months, with homicides decreasing by 10 offences over this period, a fall of 20 per cent,” Commissioner Atkinson said.
“Sexual and fraud offences both recorded decreases of nine per cent and 11 per cent respectively, however overall robbery offences have increased by one per cent this year, and there has been a 12 per cent increase in armed robbery offences.”
Deputy Commissioner Stewart said officers put their lives on the line everyday to protect and serve the people of Queensland.
“Your police service does an outstanding job in protecting Queenslanders and officers depend on community support as we continue providing for the safety and security of all communities across Queensland,” Deputy Commissioner Stewart said.
The QPS is in the process of developing an internet-based application that will enable members of the public to access up to date QPS crime statistics which are relevant to their local area.
“Providing access to crime statistics will allow members of the public to inform themselves about crime trends and issues in their local areas and may assist in their personal decision making,” he said.
To view the month-by-month crime statistics for the past 15 years visit mypolice.qld.gov.au/data.