Pipe to replace 800 truck trips to Noosa landfill

Sunshine Coast Council - Queensland - Australia

Sunshine Coast Council - Queensland - Australia
Sunshine Coast Council

Around 800 fewer truck trips will be made each year to and from the Noosa Landfill site thanks to a new liquid waste pipeline.
Sunshine Coast Council has completed construction of a three kilometre pressurised pipeline that will transport liquid waste from the Eumundi Road Landfill site to nearby sewerage systems.
Division 11 Councillor Russell Green said large tanker trucks had previously made up to three trips per day between the landfill site and the nearest sewerage treatment plant to transport the liquid waste.
“Along with the environmental benefits of reducing numbers of trucks on our roads, this pipeline system will also save council around $140,000 per year,” he said.
“The pipeline runs from the landfill site to a gravity feed sewer manhole on Lake Entrance Boulevard.
“It will transport the liquid waste that results from rain entering the open face on the landfill that is captured in drains that run around the perimeter of the landfill.”
The new pipeline system includes telemetrey monitoring with an ability to switch off the pumping system in the event of an emergency. Similar works are planned to take place at council’s Nambour and Caloundra landfill sites in future years.