Petition to save Steve's Place reaches 400,000

Over 400,000 Australians and wildlife warriors from around the world have signed a petition to save the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve, which is currently under threat of strip mining.
Terri Irwin was thrilled with result and hopes that momentum of the Save Steve’s Place campaign will continue. “I am so proud of the response we have had to save the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve. We can protect this fragile environment while still enabling research, filming projects, and opportunities for indigenous Australians.”
The 335,000 acre reserve, in Queensland’s Cape York Peninsula, is home to a set of at least 8 important spring fed wetlands which provide a critical water source to threatened habitat, provide permanent water to the Wenlock River, and a home for rare, vulnerable and previously un-described plants and wildlife.
The Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve remains host to the most comprehensive crocodile research in the world. Management of the reserve has also involved research with scientists from twelve countries; studies of flora, fauna, anthropology, paleontology, weather, hydrology, fire management, pest control, and aboriginal culture.
“We have also worked with Traditional Owners to develop employment opportunities such as cosmetic and pharmaceutical uses for different plant species, research and ranger work, education opportunities, and elders on country. We also support the Queensland Indigenous Land and Sea Rangers Program,” said Terri.
There are also significant tourism and filming opportunities for the Cape region. “Since signing with FremantleMedia Enterprises, we have had regular filming projects in the Cape which will reach 150 countries around the world. Our filming future presents even bigger opportunities than we experienced with Crocodile Hunter, and provides significant and ongoing benefits for Queensland and Cape York,” added Terri.
Terri believes the ongoing opportunity of using the land for widespread benefits will cease to exist if the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve is mined. “Industry opportunities are still available for Cape York people, without utterly destroying habitats. Never forget: if a region is not destroyed with strip mining, the resource is still there!”
The result means that the Save Steve’s Place petition is more than half way to matching the most petition signatures ever collected in Australia. “More than 400,000 Wildlife Warriors agree that Steve’s legacy should continue,” concluded Terri.
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