Peter Slipper says look at the facts

Peter Slipper Federal Member for Fisher

Peter Slipper Federal Member for Fisher
Peter Slipper Federal Member for Fisher

Following continual vexatious and politically motivated attacks by the Sunshine Coast Daily with respect to Peter Slipper’s expenditure, it’s time to see the facts: According to the Parliamentary Expenditure Report (1 January to 30 June 2011), Peter Slipper’s spending consistently ranks in the mid to low end for all Members and Senators.
Here are the facts:
Expense  and  Ranking
Travelling Allowance – 58th
Overseas Travel – 84th
Domestic Scheduled Fares – 88th
Charter – Equal to Last
Car Costs – 40th
Office Facilities – 54th
Office Fit – Outs Equal to Last
Office Administration – 88th
Family Travel Cost – 22nd
Member for Longman Wyatt Roy was the second highest spender in Office Administration Costs at $116,295.19 compared to Peter Slipper (who was also Deputy Speaker) $40,072.71.
Comparison of administration costs for Sunshine Coast MPs:

  • Member for Wide Bay – WarrenTruss, Shadow Minister for Infrastructure and Transport spent $51,025;
  • Member for Fairfax – Alex Somylay spent $21,421.

Full figures for all Members and Senators are available at: amentarians- reporting/docs/T28/Parliamentarians_Expenditure.pdf