Pet registration due

25 September, 2011
Author: Charles Hodgson

By now, pet owners should have received their annual animal registration renewal notices in the mail reminding them of the 30 September 2011 due date.
Service Delivery Portfolio Councillor Paul Tatton said there could be no more pussyfooting around for pet owners as it was the final week to register their pet.
“Pet registration provides safety and security for pets, owners and the community,” he said.
“All cats and dogs must be registered every year and wear a council-issued registration tag when in public.
“This assists council to reunite pets with their owners should they become separated.
“Dog registration also provides data that helps ensure appropriate services such as off-leash areas and litter bins are provided where they are needed throughout the region.”
The new annual registration period for cats and dogs commences on 1 October each year and extends to 30 September the following year. Previously, pet owners had to renew their registration each year in July.
Have your details or your pet’s details changed, or do you no longer own your pet? Pet owners can also notify council of any changes to their pets’ information online including changes to: pensioner details, desexing, microchipping, registration cancellations, and address for your animal.
There are several convenient payment methods and options available including online payments, over the phone, via Australia Post or at the closest Customer Service Office.
For information about pet registration, including fees visit council’s website.