Party duopoly has lead to neglect – Moore

Tony Moore - Family First Candidate for Fisher
Tony Moore – Family First Candidate for Fisher

Family First Candidate for Fisher Tony Moore believes that the duopoly which exists within the Australian political system had lead to years of neglect.
For the last 100 years, Australia’s political journey has been one of extremes. Lurching left to right, back and forth between red and blue, blue and red, red and blue. This bi-polar political journey of Snakes and Ladders is expensive, wasteful and costing Australia dearly, both economically and ideologically – but also socially, says Federal Family First Candidate for Fisher, Tony Moore.
Mr Moore says “Our parliament seems to like going around in circles, and the people are afraid to get off the merry-go-round”
“The snake oil salesman says, vote red or blue and we’ll look after you”
“Once in government, the red or blue team let us think we are getting close to our destination, only to find ourselves missing all the ladders and caught on all the snakes, quickly finding ourselves at the bottom of the game board more than the top.”
But this is not new, If we look back 100 years, Former Labor PM Andrew Fisher, was exclaiming about the high cost of living crippling our families, businesses and Sunshine Coast region. A 100 years on, the standout issue in the 2013 Election has been, yeah – you guessed it, the high cost of living crippling our families, businesses, the Sunshine Coast region and, in deed, our country.”
Mr Moore says “Like a child placed on a merry-go-round – it’s no wonder Australia hasn’t actually arrived anywhere yet. Our red carnival ride attendants put the Australian public on a ride, only for the blue team to switch the ride in another direction at the next election, and so we begin from the bottom all over again.”
“Before you vote, you should be asking, will a red or blue merry-go-round get me to where-I want-to arrive?”
“It’s time we, got ourselves off the merry-go-round and stopped letting the bullies and snake-oil salesman, trick us out of our vote or push us around”
“The simple truth is, Political fanaticism or partyism is whats responsible for the state of our nation. Duopolistic partyism has created this problem and has lead to our parliaments and MP’s, unintentionally, towards neglecting the people.”
The affect of this is that, as if on cue – the people, like sheep, line up every election to vote the opposite way – red to blue, blue to red, red to blue. This is the same behavioural response that occurs when people feel disempowered or oppressed”.
“So of course, people living in fear and disempowerment of the government are feeling oppression and neglect.”
“But the people can! be liberated from tyranny.”
“When the Government fear the people, the people are in control of their destination and the journey. This can only occur when we breakout of the duopolistic two-party preferred mentalities and pavlovian voting practice.”
“The people of Fisher need real people to represent them. Real people who have had real jobs, real trials and real-life experience to give them real representation in parliament.”
“We no longer need a litany of professional politicians and political fundamentalist parties who will do whatever it takes to get the party elected, and stay elected.”
“In a 100 years time, let not, our children’s children look back at us and think we did nothing.”
“Change occurs when you change the way you vote – Expect More”