Palmer Coolum Resort’s dinosaur collection grows

‘Jeff’ the giant T-Rex will be switched off during the Australian PGA presented by Coca-Cola, which starts tomorrow (Thurs) at Palmer Coolum Resort.
‘Jeff’ the giant T-Rex set to be joined by other prehistoric creatures

A large consignment of dinosaurs have completed their journey to Palmer Coolum Resort and are set to take residence in what will become the largest dinosaur park in the world with over 150 specimens.
Over 40 prehistoric creatures landed last week and there will be many more to follow as the park begins to come to life over the coming weeks with each dinosaur strategically placed for maximum impact.
Work is well underway at the site to ensure the dinosaurs blend seamlessly into the natural vegetation and create a realistic prehistoric environment that will be entertaining, informative and educational.
Some will be animated with moving limbs and lifelike roars like ‘Jeff’, the resort’s now world-famous T-Rex, while others will be less imposing but no less impressive or realistic.
Among the latest delivery are two Triceratops, a large herbivore that patrolled the forests of what is now North America some 65 million years ago.
Translated, the term Triceratops literally means ‘three-horned face’, describing the prominent features that make the Triceratops one of the most recognisable of all four-legged dinosaurs.
Its large, bony, rhinoceros-like frill is another distinctive physical characteristic that make this dinosaur one of the more familiar Jurassic beasts.
The Triceratops shared the North American forests with the Tyrannosaurus Rex and was often on the menu of its much larger counterpart.
The next consignment of dinosaurs, approximately 70 in number, will be making their way to Coolum in the coming months.