Palaszczuk and Wellington – Here's the deal

Peter Wellington MP - Member for Nicklin
Peter Wellington MP – Member for Nicklin

Annastacia Palaszczuk MP was sworn in this morning as Queensland’s new Premier. For those that may be wondering what’s in store, take the time to read this exchange of letters between Annastacia and Peter Wellington.
While it’s not a prescription, it does give considerable insight to the parameters around which the state will be governed. It specifically covers some local Sunshine Coast items of great interest such as Halls Creek, the rail duplication, parking around Nambour Hospital. It’s a fascinating read.
Here’s the link: Letter Exchange 2015 (PDF)


  1. I am discussed to think You Peter Wellingtoncould support Labor in any away after the way they run Queensland the last time they were in power, labor was responsible so many terrible things that happened in Australia like putting flouride in our drinking water,(poison) one doctor told me and said if they didn’t hide behind government they would up on charges.
    In my view Campbell was the Best Premiere since Sir Joe and now we have more trouble as a lot of businesses told me they won’t work with labor. Remember LNP got over 50% of the vote overall according to the count.

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