Owners of dangerous dogs to face jail time

Owners of dogs that attack or kill someone or another animal will face jail time following the introduction of Criminal Code amendments to State Parliament.
Attorney General Paul Lucas said the amendments, which were released in draft form on October 16, would make it crystal clear that owners who breed and train dangerous dogs with no regard for the safety of others in the community could face criminal convictions.
He said in the worst cases, people could face up to a decade in jail.
“This is about sending a clear message that if you own a dangerous dog and fail to ensure it is properly enclosed or properly controlled in public, you could face up to ten years behind bars,” Mr Lucas said.
“I acknowledge that most dog owners are responsible and do the right thing.
“But this is about those owners who deliberately train aggressive and dangerous dogs and take no steps what-so-ever to ensure public safety.
“The death of Ayen Chol in Melbourne in August was horrific and we don’t want to see that kind of tragedy repeated in Queensland.
“The proposed penalty of up to ten years imprisonment is appropriate and consistentĀ given the maximum penalty for dangerous driving causing death or grievous bodily harmĀ is the same.”