Options released for Palmview to Kawana Greenlink

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Sunshine Coast Council released route options for an innovative Greenlink corridor between the future Palmview development and Kawana today and is seeking public comment.
Palmview is a Greenfield development site to the west of the new Sunshine Coast University Hospital, which will house up to 18,000 residents in the future. It will be important in providing future affordable housing for key workers at the hospital.
The Greenlink is a planned public transport, active transport and emergency vehicle corridor to provide quick access between the future Palmview and Kawana town centres and new Sunshine Coast University Hospital.
A feasibility study has been underway since mid 2011 to determine if there is a suitable corridor for the Greenlink between these emerging residential and commercial hubs.
Council’s Director of Integrated Transport Planning Graeme Krisanski said the team now has a thorough understanding of the technical constraints of the study area and is looking to gather information from the community about the social constraints that need to be taken into consideration when assessing the options.
“We know a great deal about flooding, ground conditions and the environment in the area, but we also want to ensure that we hear from residents about any additional key issues of concern to them,” Mr Krisanski said.
“We encourage people to view the options map, ask questions about what is being proposed and give their feedback.
“Information provided by the community will be considered in conjunction with the technical information when assessing the feasibility of corridor options.”
The Palmview to Kawana Greenlink has the potential to play a significant role in both the local and regional transport networks.
From a local perspective, the Palmview to Kawana Greenlink would provide the opportunity for people to live in Palmview and commute by bus or bicycle to employment at Kawana and vice versa.
From a regional perspective, the Palmview to Kawana Greenlink would provide an important link in the transport network between the education and industry hubs of the University of the Sunshine Coast and the new Sunshine Coast University Hospital precinct, as well as the future Kawana town centre transport interchange.
“By linking the future Palmview town centre to Kawana, the greenlink aims to provide an attractive, sustainable alternative to relying on private vehicle use,” Mr Krisanski said.
“This has the benefit of helping to make living in the local area more affordable as well as reducing the environmental impact of using cars.
“Overall, this greenlink is an important step for council to encourage sustainable transport use by Sunshine Coast residents.”
Council encourages the community to view the options maps and provide their feedback by 18 November.
Phone 1800 657 248 or visit www.palmview-kawanagreenlink.com.au to view the options maps and find out more about the Palmview to Kawana Greenlink Feasibility Study.