O'Brien welcomes election announcement

Ted O'Brien LNP Candidate for Fairfax

Ted O'Brien LNP Candidate for Fairfax
Ted O’Brien LNP Candidate for Fairfax

LNP candidate for the Federal electorate of Fairfax, Ted O’Brien, has welcomed the belated announcement of the date for the 2013 federal election.
“At long last the people of the Sunshine Coast can pass judgement on the Labor Government and decide which Party offers real change.
“As my grassroots campaign continues, I will be focussing on the important issues affecting the people of Fairfax and the Sunshine Coast including the need for a strong, robust economy, more jobs and better infrastructure.
“The Sunshine Coast and Australia is in desperate need of a responsible, reliable and fiscally prudent government – a government that only the Coalition can provide.
“I encourage the voters of Fairfax to participate actively in this campaign because judgement day is just five weeks away and a change in government is well overdue.”