O'Brien wants Fairfax candidate debate

Ted O'Brien LNP Candidate for Fairfax

Ted O'Brien LNP Candidate for Fairfax
Ted O’Brien LNP Candidate for Fairfax

Ted O’Brien, the LNP candidate for Fairfax, is working to set up a debate in the electorate to help raise the level of political discussion and involve voters in the dialogues.
Mr O’Brien said he wanted all nominated candidates to participate and was approaching the various Chambers of Commerce across the electorate to stage the event as soon as possible.
“The agenda should be based on, say, three main areas to promote in depth discussion rather than inter party sniping,” he said.
“Obviously the economic issues, both broadly and applying to the Sunshine Coast would be a lead topic and would include questions of employment and work opportunities particularly for the young.
“A big picture topic would be vision for community empowerment and what is needed to improve the way of life for Fairfax residents.
“I would also like to share and discuss expectations for future industry growth right across the area, including light manufacturing, farming and food and IT possibilities.
“I believe Fairfax voters and hopefully the media would welcome this initiative as it returns the focus to our own backyard and away from the long distance slanging matches elsewhere.
“As some observer once remarked ‘All politics is local’,” he said.