Noosa Biosphere wins concession on powerlines

Noosa Biosphere

Noosa BiosphereThe selected route of the proposed powerline upgrade from Sunrise Hills to Peregian will minimise environmental damage to the Noosa biosphere reserve.
Following consultations with Noosa Biosphere and Energex’s own investigations the proposed upgrade will utilise the existing corridors and minimise vegetation loss.
Initial suggestions that a new corridor could be required were not met with support from the Noosa Biosphere Board.
Board Chair Dr Susan Davis said, “We were pleased that Energex chose to discuss the issue with the board, and that they were prepared to consider alternative suggestions”.
“The board welcomed the approach by Energex at an early stage, and it demonstrates how effective early consultations can be”, said Dr Davis.
Noosa Biosphere is further advised that the project is currently entering the detailed design phase, which is expected to take between 12 to 18 months. During the design phase, Energex will be able to identify the width of the corridor, design issues and relevant vegetation assessments and planning approvals required.
“They also plan to continue consultation with Noosa Biosphere on the project as it progresses,” continued Dr Davis
Former Noosa Biosphere Chair Mr Michael Donovan said, “Dealing with Energex was completely different to Powerlink.  The latter had to be argued into submission by going to their board then the Minister.  In comparison Energex engaged directly with the governance board, sought advice and consulted well.  We understood each other’s needs and the outcome should be regarded as a prime example of what can be achieved through sensible consultation, sensitivity to conservation principles and commonsense.”
Noosa Biosphere looks forward to working with Energex on the new phase to bring this essential upgrade to a balanced conclusion.
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