Noosa Biosphere galvanises climate action

Noosa Biosphere

Noosa Biosphere
Noosa Biosphere

After over twelve months of community conversations, the Noosa Biosphere has released a draft plan of action on climate change and climate variability and is asking for community comment.
The project has been led by a collaborative team from Noosa Biosphere Ltd, SEQ Catchments, University of the Sunshine Coast and the Noosa Residents & Ratepayers Association Inc.
“Studies have shown that our biosphere, including our neighbouring regions, is particularly vulnerable to a range of impacts from our changing climate such as floods, storm surges and sea level rise” said Mary-Jane Weld, Chair of the Noosa Biosphere Environment Board.
“To address these challenges, we’ve held a series of workshops across the region where we’ve gathered community views on how to prepare for such impacts.
“Most of the climate adaptation actions identified by the community also have the effect of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, as well as a host of other benefits such as improved health and well-being and sense of community,” continued Ms Weld.
“Examples of this include local food production and supply and biodiversity linkage initiatives.
“The informative report is a broad-reaching composite that recognises what is already being done by a very active community as well as capturing further opportunities and ideas.” Ms Weld said.
The project team are seeking comments on the report which can be downloaded from the Noosa Biosphere website.
The Noosa Biosphere Climate Action Project recently won accolades from UNESCO and was included in a report of the top 28 biospheres from around the world, which number over 550.
“This Climate Action Plan offers our community the chance to view their biosphere through a new window that turns threats into opportunities and adapting to climate change requires an integrated and positive approach by a well-informed and cohesive community” said Ms Weld.
A community workshop has been planned for Thursday 27th of October from 5.30pm onwards at the Peregian Community House for those wishing to learn more about the project, and everyone is welcome.

The workshop will include a variety of guest speakers who will lead discussions on relevant issues such as the Queensland Coastal Plan, local wildlife corridors and solar energy options for neighbourhoods and individuals
To attend the workshop, RSVP to: by Friday 20 October.
For more information and a copy of the report see: