New traffic lights switched on in Bli Bli

New traffic lights have been switched today  (Friday 26 April at 1pm)   in front of the Bli Bli River Markets on David Low Way.
The installation of new traffic lights in front of Bli Bli’s refurbished River Markets shopping precinct will go a long way towards reducing the high number of vehicle accidents experienced in the area each year according to Division 9 Councillor Stephen Robinson.
“Over the years I have received many complaints about the safety at the crossing and there is no doubt that this is a sorely needed piece of infrastructure for Bli Bli.  The developer funded traffic lights will provide a much needed pedestrian crossing across David Low Way which will bridge the last piece of pedestrian infrastructure from the Bicentennial boardwalk from Bli Bli Town Centre to the Lefos Road sporting facility.
“Each year we have around a dozen or so accidents around the black spot in front of the River Markets as a result of speeding, driver inattention and general traffic congestion.  The new lights will help calm the traffic through Bli Bli town centre which is classified as a main road under state control and provide safe and organised traffic flow in and out of the River Markets precinct,” Cr Robinson said.
River markets developer Michael White said the $6 million refurbishment of the River Markets precinct was well underway and set for completion in November this year.
“The redevelopment is progressing well and many of the tenants are doing a brisk trade even though it’s basically a construction site.  We’ve funded the traffic lights as part of our development contribution with Council and there is no doubt that the lights complete the streetscape with a safe pedestrian crossing across the busy entry into our shopping centre.
“We also contributed an equal share of funds with Council and Energex to underground the power and improve the streetscape as part of Bli Bli beautification project last year.  It’s made an amazing difference to the street and continues to reinforce the fact that Bli Bli is one of the most progressive neighbourhoods on the Sunshine Coast and we are well placed to cater for the growing number of people who will choose to call Bli Bli home,” Mr White said.