Easier Development Applications with new service

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Submitting a development application to council is set to become easier as council launches its new Pre-Design Meeting Service.
The new service, aimed at identifying and, where possible, resolving design and application issues before an application for Operational Works is submitted to council, is being offered from today Monday 17 October 2011.
Designers now have the chance to sit down with council’s technical assessment officers before submitting a development application so that design and application issues can be discussed at the outset.
Service Delivery Portfolio Councillor Paul Tatton said the service lets applicants change their designs early on, if necessary.
“Previously, design issues were only dealt with once an application had been submitted, meaning that any problems or concerns could only be taken care of during the formal assessment process, and after the applicant had already spent time and money getting the application to that point,” Cr Tatton said.
“This new service allows applicants to align their designs with council requirements right from the start, allowing applications to move through the assessment process as swiftly as possible and potentially preventing applicants from having to go to the expense of redesigns.”
Council officers will not be doing the design as this will still be the responsibility of the certifying engineer or other qualified consultant.
Instead, this service allows designers to ensure that their design is in line with council expectations, to avoid applications being held up for avoidable design reasons.