New Mobile Police Beat for Buderim

22 June, 2020
Author: Charles Hodgson

The Queensland Police Service is planning to establish a new, mobile police beat that will service the Buderim community.

This new initiative will mean that local police are more visible, more often, in their local communities.

The planned mobile police van will be out and about across the community, ready to swiftly respond to community needs.

It means the community will see police more often on active patrols in and around Buderim, which is a win for community safety.

From their mobile police beat, police will be able to take crime reports, victim statements, conduct field interviews and boost safety with a more visible policing presence. 

The Queensland Police Service says mobile police beats are the way of the future, delivering a highly visible police presence with police able to respond when they are needed, where they are needed.

Police Minister Mark Ryan welcomed the willingness of police to always look for new ways to better serve local communities.

“As the Queensland Police Service says, these new, mobile police beats are the future.

“This is yet another example of the innovative thinking that Queensland’s world-class police service brings to bear on matters of community safety.

“There is a lot happening on the Sunshine Coast, with a new police facility nearing completion at Coolum and major work on a new facility at Nambour commencing soon.

“I have seen mobile police beats in operation and the advantages they offer.

“These mobile police vans take police to the community and it does mean that people in local communities will see more police, more often.

“This initiative is a hallmark of the modern, agile, proactive service that police in Queensland provide.

“I commend Commissioner Carroll and her senior staff for their forward thinking,” the Minister said.