New direction for council

Mayor Mark Jamieson
Mayor Mark Jamieson

Mayor Mark Jamieson has taken another step towards meeting his commitment to transform council with the announcement of important changes to way it does business.
Council has today unanimously determined a new structure for the organisation which will streamline operations and better enable it to deliver on its strategic priorities.
“It’s an opportunity to take a new direction and create an organisation with an even greater focus on core service delivery, economic development, efficiency and productivity,” Cr Jamieson said.
“The public demanded it, I promised it, the de-amalgamation regulation required it, the organisation review recommended it, and now council will deliver it.
“These targeted changes will allow council to continue creating the right conditions for private sector investment which will expand our job market.
“We need to run a tight ship – and at the same time be able to help steer the region towards a more sustainable and prosperous economy.
“The Queensland Treasury Corporation reports showed there would be serious financial consequences of de-amalgamation – council is making sure it is ready to meet them.
“The new streamlined council will include 5 departments with a flatter management structure and a greater focus on flexibility to meet the changing needs of the region.
“These departments will see a more targeted approach to the way we do business, and allow us to become even more responsive to community needs.”
From now until September, the CEO will develop and implement the branch structures and staffing – those decisions will be informed by the budget which will be completed by 25 June.
The CEO will provide the Noosa Transfer Manager with the list of names of staff transferring to Noosa by the end of September – and sooner if possible.
Council engaged Ernst and Young to provide independent advice on the best model to progress the organisation, and manage the challenges of de-amalgamation.
Today’s announcement comes as council works through a difficult budget process which requires major reductions to costs due to de-amalgamation and rising expenses.
The 5 departments of the new structure and their roles are:

Department Role
Corporate Strategy and Delivery Promote and drive council’s key strategic objectives – including economic development 
Corporate Services  Consolidate corporate functions and create an internal customer service focus to minimise overheads 
Community Services Provide key externally focussed services 
Infrastructure Services Provide important externally focussed services 
Regional Strategy and Planning Progress key policy and planning priorities for council and the region.