Nambour police head back to school

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Queensland Govt COA
Queensland Govt COA

Nambour State High School has been chosen to receive one of the 15 additional school-based police officers (SBPOs) as a part of the Newman Government’s Safer Streets Crime Action Plan.
The SBPO program places police officers within schools to contribute to the curriculum and engage on a one-on-one level with students.
Police Minister Jack Dempsey said not only is the SBPO a rewarding career path for officers involved, their contribution to the schooling community can be invaluable.
“This is about ensuring our schools remain safe and that students have every chance to positively interact with police from a young age,” Mr Dempsey said.
“Our SBPOs do an outstanding job and contribute to every aspect of the school community.
“They forge close working relationships with the school staff and provide positive role models for the students, becoming involved in the school’s curriculum by providing students with crime prevention and safety advice.”
Positions for the additional SBPOs were advertised in the Queensland Police Service (QPS) Gazette this week seeking interested officers from across the State.
Education Minister John-Paul Langbroek welcomed the announcement, saying SBPOs provided education and early intervention to keep young people out of trouble.
“The SBPO Program is an effective crime prevention strategy that aims to keep students in school and out of the juvenile justice system,” Mr Langbroek said.
“SBPOs promote positive relationships between young people and police and play an important role in addressing the issue of violence in schools.
“Increasing their presence in schools from the start of 2013 is another election commitment being fulfilled by the Newman Government and a wonderful example of schools and police working together for the benefit of young people and the wider community.”
Member for Buderim Steven Dickson said the new SBPO at school would be a valuable asset to the community as a whole.
“By seeing a police officer everyday it ensures students at Nambour State High School know there is someone they can turn to if they need help,” Mr Dickson said.
“The SBPO will also be able to identify any students who may be headed for trouble and talk to them before anything serious happens.”
The Newman Government is currently delivering 1,100 additional police officers across the State over the next four years.