Moves to increase penalties around schools for speeding

SchoolZoneSignThe Queensland Government will consider increasing speeding penalties for motorists caught near Queensland schools.
Transport and Main Roads Minister Scott Emerson said a review of speeding around schools with new flashing lights would be conducted before deciding whether further action was required.
“A common excuse from motorists is that they find it difficult to identify when they are entering a school zone,” Mr Emerson said.
“That is no longer an excuse at 92 schools across Queensland where we’ve already installed flashing lights.
“More than 50,000 motorists were caught speeding in a school zone between January 2011 to April 2013.
“If the warning lights don’t curb speeding, then it will be time to increase penalties.”
The new flashing lights are part of the government’s $10 million, four-year promise to deliver more than 300 flashing school zone lights across the state.
Mr Emerson said the government was also considering adding crossing supervisors at a further 12 school crossings across Queensland.
“Over the past year we have increased the number of supervised school crossings by eight to 1214, and a further 12 are being considered for next year,” he said.
“I’ve also asked the Department to speak to a number of school communities about their current arrangements.
“If a school feels a crossing is under-utilised, or the supervisor is in the wrong place then I am keen to receive that feedback and get the best safety outcome for students and parents.
“Unless we receive specific feedback from a school there will be no changes to the existing school crossings.
“School communities know their area the best so any changes to crossings will be a decision for that school.”