Mother Nature deals her hand at Currimundi Lake

26 August, 2014
Author: Charles Hodgson

The lunar charts may have pinpointed now was the best time to tackle excessive midge larval levels expected to explode at Currimundi Lake, but Mother Nature has shown the power is in her hands.
Last Wednesday (Aug 20), council mechanically closed off the entrance to keep the lake constantly full and drown the larvae, knowing it was the optimum time between breeding and hatching.
However the development of an east coast low and heavier than predicted rainfall at the weekend, meant Sunshine Coast Council had to undertake a controlled opening on Saturday afternoon.
Divisional Councillor Peter Cox said council still had a window of between seven to 10 working days to close the lake and achieve a reduction in midges.
“However there are a couple of factors working against us,” Cr Cox said.
“The low off the east coast is still developing and high swells are forecast for the area.
“There is also the potential to lose sand from the lake entrance during these weather events, negating all efforts.
“Council will continue to look at our options to close the lake entrance when the conditions are right, however based on the Bureau of Meteorology forecast, there are some delays while the full impacts of the low, in terms of swell and rainfall, are determined.
“We have invested in this program to alleviate the community’s concerns and issues, understanding it’s important to prevent the spring hatch of adult larvae to reduce their populations in the coming months.
“We are committed to protecting our enviable lifestyle and maintaining safe and healthy communities—but as always, Mother Nature will have the last word.”