Mooloolaba Police Beat work starts this month

10 July, 2019
Author: Charles Hodgson

Work will commence this month fitting out the new Police Beat at the Mooloolaba Wharf complex.

The announcement follows the successful finalisation of a lease agreement undertaken by the Public Safety Business Agency.

On-site works are expected to be complete by September.

Policing operations will commence upon the work being completed.

Police Minister Mark Ryan said the Mooloolaba Police Beat was another example of the Queensland Police Service’s approach to community based policing.

“The Queensland Police Service has an international reputation as a world class operation.

“It is a modern police service that has adopted a borderless policing philosophy that emphasises mobility and agility and putting more police on the street, more of the time.

“An important element of that philosophy is a high visibility presence of police and the Mooloolaba Police Beat is an illustration of that.

“The community has a right not just to be safe, but also to feel safe.

“By embedding a police presence in a high-traffic retail precinct, there is a very real benefit not just to the general community but also to business owners.

“The Mooloolaba Police Beat highlights what the Queensland Police Service is all about, keeping the community safe.

“But it’s important to remember that the officers based at the Mooloolaba facility are backed by hundreds of other officers on the Sunshine Coast.

“The Police Service’s modern policing philosophy doesn’t recognise lines on maps anymore.

“Whenever, wherever, the need arises, police are sent in numbers to deal with whatever is unfolding.

“And Police are dealing with community safety issues faster than ever thanks to the technology all front line officers now carry with them.

“The QLiTE tablet devices police carry mean they’re on the road more of the time, not going back to the office.

“The result is that people on the Sunshine Coast now see more police, more often.

“And that means a community that not only is safer, but it also feels safer,” Minister Ryan said.