MCU Members elect new Board

MCU Sustainable Banking

MCU Sustainable BankingOn 8 October 2011, MCU Ltd held its Annual General Meeting. There was a good attendance from the members, with well over one hundred people attending the meeting. The outgoing Chair presented the Annual Report and members voted on new Board directors for the MCU.
The four nominees for election were all resoundingly elected as directors by members. They were Luke Berry, John Duthie, Robyn Grivell, and Terry Scolari.
At the conclusion of the Annual General Meeting, the newly elected directors held a Board Meeting and appointed two casual directors: Sarah Davies and Philip Warner, to take the Board composition to six.
The Board Meeting elected Luke Berry to be the Chair.
The MCU Chair, Luke Berry, said “The strongly supported new MCU Board together with the appointment of two highly credentialed casual directors, look forward to providing friendly and attractive financial services to the membership and ensuring that the Board delivers against its community, environmental and social values.
Mr. Berry was delighted with the depth, diversity, and experience of the Board. I come from an economics, policy, and compliance background, John Duthie is a continuing Board member with environmental science qualifications, Robyn Grivell is a finance manager at a community finance organisation, Terry Scolari is an ex-general manager of a number of credit unions, Sarah Davies is a partner in a legal practice, and Philip Warner is a Managing Director in an international sustainable resources and materials technology business.”