Mayor looks to a more certain future

Mark Jamieson - Sunshine Coast Mayor, discussing the damage and cleanup of the ex tropical cyclone Oswald weather event of the past few days.
Mark Jamieson – Sunshine Coast Mayor

Sunshine Coast Mayor Mark Jamieson has welcomed the clear cut result on de-amalgamation as it provides the certainty needed for the future of the region.
Mayor Jamieson said the Sunshine Coast Council can now get on with the business of developing a sustainable economy, environment and lifestyle.
“We’ll continue to create the rights conditions for jobs, protect the environment and preserve our lifestyle,” Mayor Jamieson said.
“This is an exciting time in the history of the Sunshine Coast – and it’s all our jobs to make the most of it.
“The biggest infrastructure project ever undertaken in this region, the health hub, is well underway at Kawana, injecting billions of dollars into our economy and creating thousands of jobs.
“Council will continue to help local Sunshine Coast businesses in securing the work opportunities these projects will generate.
“I’ve already sold the benefits of the health hub to allied industries and Sydney and will continue to talk about the benefits to state, national and international audiences.
“Next month I will travel with Councillor Jenny McKay to China to establish business ties with that economic giant.
“Closer to home Brisbane’s flights backlog has opened the door for our airport and I will continue to pursue that with the state and federal governments and with airline companies.
“Planning continues for the new Maroochydore CBD which will become the commercial heart of the region – creating thousands of jobs during and after construction.
“We have the certainty we need to be confident about our future – and I invite everyone in the Sunshine Coast to join me on this journey.
“Running parallel with this, council as an organisation will continue to focus on service delivery to communities across the whole of the Sunshine Coast.”