Maroochydore city takes first step

Sunshine Coast Mayor, Mark Jamieson

The long-term future of Maroochydore remains on track with Sunshine Coast Council continuing to take a lead role in the long-term planning for the region’s principal activity centre.
Mayor Mark Jamieson speaking at today’s UDIA breakfast function announced that council was getting on with the task of developing and delivering a best practice town centre which works towards securing the region’s future with urban investment and growth in jobs.
“Earlier this year proposals were sought, through a national tendering process, from leading and innovative planning and design consultants,” Cr Jamieson said.
“I am pleased to announce that Cardno, KHA and Place have been selected to work with council to progress the master planning for the Horton Park Golf Club land situated in the heart of the Maroochydore Principal Regional Activity Centre.
“These businesses are based locally on the Sunshine Coast and will work with council to progress the master planning, urban design, economics, engineering, environment, sustainability, traffic and statutory planning.”
Cr Jamieson said the acquisition of the Horton Park site provides council with the opportunity to turn Maroochydore into one of the most functional and commercially competitive regional cities in Australia.
“Maroochydore is central to the Sunshine Coast’s economic future,” he said.
“This exciting city building project will be the catalyst for us to support existing Maroochydore commercial investment and explore new business opportunities with a focus on diversifying the economy and realising the region’s potential.”
Cr Jamieson added that the preparation and planning phase for Maroochydore starts now.
“There is much planning work to be done, and we are on track for the reinvigoration of Maroochydore to begin taking physical shape from the middle of 2014,” he said.
“When construction gets underway this project has the potential to create thousands of jobs to support our construction industry, and ultimately Maroochydore will be home to many new jobs and businesses that will provide a much needed boost to our economy.
“Our focus now is not just on the land council has acquired but the whole of Maroochydore city centre area.”
Maroochydore will provide a mix of residential, commercial, retail and community uses to develop a thriving and vibrant business district and city heart. The master planning process will also identify entertainment and convention facilities, community facilities and meeting spaces, parklands, walkways and an enhanced public transport network.