Markets back at the Big Pineapple

The Big Pineapple

The Big Pineapple
The iconic Big Pineapple

Last year, the final whistle blew on the big pineapple train, the final pineapple parfait was eaten and the weekly growers market packed up shop as the iconic tourist spot closed its doors.
But, with the pineapple now clean, anticipation is at fever pitch as the Suncoast Growers Markets get ready to call the Big Pineapple home once again as part of the historic fruit’s resurgence.
The Suncoast Growers Markets will move back to the pineapple tomorrow, 5 November after a year at its temporary location in Woombye.
Market Coordinator Helen Langlois said the stallholders are excited to be heading back to their rightful home for a new, improved, better than ever market.
“We’ve had a great run in Woombye, but we’re all raring to get back to the Big Pineapple, especially when it’s about to firmly re-establish itself as the tourist icon it once was,” Ms Langlois said.
“It’s taken someone with vision and a clear cut desire for history to bring the pineapple back from the brink and the reinvention is exciting for Nambour, the Coast and local growers alike.
“Slap bang on the Nambour Connection Road, the Big Pineapple is great for passing trade and so easily accessible for locals to get to—it’s the perfect market location, plenty of parking and such a central Coast location.
“On 5 November, there’ll be indoor and outdoor stalls making the growers market the first all weather foodie market on the Sunshine Coast.
“The new pineapple owners are passionate about the partnership between local agriculture and tourism and are 100% on board for making the markets a resounding success.
“We’ve already got loyal customers and that’s a great start— now it’s a case of spreading the word to the whole of the Coast that we’re heading home to the big pineapple.”
General manager of the Big Pineapple Paul Ziebarth said the markets were definitely a winner and he’d been working with Helen to bring them back home.
“I’m certainly not about to throw the baby out with the bathwater and although locals and visitors will see changes, we will still be honouring the pineapples rich history and that includes keeping the things that worked in the past,” Mr Ziebarth said.
“We firmly believe in the power of buying local and will do everything we can to make sure the markets and the pineapple are a real success story.”
Market goers can expect the same great range of stalls, from crisp fresh apples and hand-picked flowers to exquisite breads and wonderful fresh produce.
The markets are open every Saturday from 6.30am – 12 noon rain hail or shine. There is plenty of parking and all the favourites will be there.
For further information about the markets or stalls contact Helen Langlois on 0416 217093


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