Maleny Dairies, proud to be loud

Maleny Dairies Loud Shirt Day 2011

Maleny Dairies Loud Shirt Day 2011 (View News)
Their dress was loud, their message was loud as "everyone" at Maleny Dairies joined in for Loud Shirt Day

Maleny Dairies today urged the local community to give kids the gift of sound on this Loud Shirt Day, Friday 21 October. Their loud dress matched their loud message.
Loud Shirt Day is a national fundraising initiative to benefit the Hear and Say Centre and calls upon Australians to seek sponsorship and swap their business shirts, school uniforms and everyday wear for their brightest (loudest) possible outfits.
Maleny Dairies has joined with others around the state including Aussie Rugby League legend and Loud Shirt Day ambassador Wally Lewis to encourage people to support Loud Shirt Day on Friday 21 October.
Kay Hollyoak of Maleny Dairies has been able to connect personally with the work of the Hear and Say Centre through having a close friend whose child is a recipient of vital Hear and Say services.
The prospect of families having to face the demands of raising deaf children without the kind of support provided by these centres is just unthinkable.
Research shows that every dollar invested in early intervention services for deaf children produces almost two dollars worth of social, educational, vocational and economic benefit.
These are the kinds of very real and positive benefits generated by Loud Shirt Day fundraising.
You can show you support for Loud Shirt Day by supporting Kay and the team at Maleny Dairies by donating at the web page ( or follow the links on the Maleny Dairies Facebook page