Local youth invited Speak Up and Engage to make a difference

Speak up and Engage

Speak up and Engage
Speak up and Engage

If you are aged between 12 and 25 and want to make a difference in your community, Sunshine Coast Council’s Speak Up and Engage program wants to hear from you.
Community Programs Portfolio Councillor Jenny McKay said the Speak Up and Engage program is an initiative that has been developed by young people for young people.
“It’s about making sure young people have input and are involved in planning, developing and building the Sunshine Coast region,” she said.
“Speak Up and Engage ensures young people are included and have access to council’s decision making processes relating to young people or that young people may have an interest in.
“If you are aged 12 to 25, this is your opportunity to make a real difference by helping shape community projects, programs, events, activities and policies that matter to you.
“Some of the benefits of being involved in Speak Up and Engage include being a voice for young people within council, developing new skills and an opportunity to meet like-minded young people.
“We are looking for registrations from interested young advocates who want to have a voice on issues that matter.
“Previous Speak Up and Engage ambassadors initiated some exciting projects including the planning of skate and BMX parks, community art projects, National Youth Week activities and school holiday programs as well as the Sunshine Coast Youth Strategy 2010-2015.
“If we are unable to capture the imagination of the region’s youth, we will miss the opportunity to bring in new energy and enthusiasm.”
It is really easy to get involved. Simply complete the online registration form at council’s website or phone our friendly customer contact centre on 5475 7272 for further information.
Testimonial from Amy of Twin Waters

“Speak Up Engage has given me the opportunity to get involved and help bring the voice of youth in this community to council. This project and interaction with the council has been a big step towards my personal goal of being more involved in my community and has reinforced my future goals in medicine and my dream to help change the world. I am grateful for the opportunities I have been given throughout this project and I hope that Speak Up and Engage will go on so other youth members have an opportunity to interact with council and make their stand.”