Local Produce Discriminated Against – KAP's Mark Meldon

Meldon_KatterKatter’s Australian Party candidate for Fisher Mark Meldon wants to know, “Why are the fruit and vegetable producers of the Glasshouse Country region being discriminated against?”
Locally Grown produce is tested for 135 chemicals to ensure highest producer standards yet imported fruit and vegetables are tested for ONLY 50 chemicals. Why does this discrimination exist?
Of $900 million of imported produce only 20 containers are tested. How much cadmium, formaldehyde, herbicides, fungicides and pesticides do we unintentionally eat due to lower standards imposed on imported produce by our Government?
Which Government in allowing these imports decided that Australians can tolerate a higher consumption of poison in our diet?
The National Toxic Network’s co-ordinator, Jo Imming has conducted testing on imported fruit and veg and attempts to share his research with Aussie buyers appears to have had limited success.
Dr Skurray, form the University of Western Sydney also expresses his worry. “When they (fruit) accumulate small levels of pesticide, this can cause cancer, but they can also cause reproductive problems and neurological problems.
So if doctors and professionals in the area are desperately trying to warn people and make a change, why is our imported fruit and veg still as toxic as ever?
Why is produce bought into the country under the guise of Free Trade Agreements, with no import tariffs applied and at lower standards to domestic product?
What is the benefit for government to allow this to happen?
Who profits from this activity?
Who is most put at risk, environmentally, economically and health wise?
What is the future of local produce?
Mark Meldon
Candidate for Fisher
Katter’s Australian Party