LNP will repeal Labor’s job destroying waste tax

Andrew Powell

Andrew Powell
State Member for Glasshouse - Andrew Powell

BLIGH Labor is hell-bent on hitting small business and households with a job destroying waste tax before Christmas.
Shadow Environment Minister Andrew Powell said the LNP has strongly opposed this tax since before the last election* – and would repeal it in government.
“This is another blatant broken election promise by the Bligh government – which repeatedly lied its way into power.
“Labor’s waste levy would hit small businesses for six while doing nothing to reduce the amount of landfill waste in Queensland,” Mr Powell said.
“It’s a nasty tax on small business that could add more than $3000 a year to the cost of running a medium-sized restaurant.
“This is going to punish hospitality and tourism in Queensland at a time when both sectors are struggling and many operators are going to the wall.
“Combined with Federal Labor’s carbon tax of $23 a tonne, the new $35 a tonne tax will apply to commercial, industrial, construction and demolition waste – and some waste costs will treble.
“Businesses and household budgets are already struggling with Labor’s soaring electricity and water costs and higher state taxes and charges on everything from fuel to licence fees.
“There’s very little wriggle room left for small family businesses and costs like this great big new tax are certain to be passed on to consumers.
“Pensioners and retirees in nursing homes and retirement villages will also find it hard to cope with this latest Bligh government raid on their wallets.
“Queensland doesn’t need taxes that hit the very sectors responsible for economic activity and job creation.
“The Chamber of Commerce and Industry has found most businesses are willing to support recycling and sound environmental practices, however most businesses believe they have little to no opportunity to increase their recycling and recovery capacity.
“In short, Queensland businesses need support – not another tax.
“Only the LNP can deliver change, and get Queensland back on track.”