LNP promises CCTV for Sunshine Coast Hot Spots

Ted O'Brien LNP Candidate for Fairfax
Ted O’Brien LNP Candidate for Fairfax

Shadow Attorney General, Senator the Hon. George Brandis and LNP candidate for Fairfax, Ted O’Brien, today announced the Coalition, if elected, would fund CCTV equipment in two “hot spots” to improve public safety.
Around $100,000 would be provided to put the high definition cameras in Duporth Avenue, Maroochydore and Currie Street in Nambour, with the recordings from these sites to be monitored and made available to the various authorities as required.
“There is such optimism about the revitalisation of these two areas and these projects will allow us to help ensure the safety of individuals and families in the area,” Mr O’Brien said.
“Currie Street Nambour has been identified as an area of concern due to a number of offences – we can’t let a small number of antisocial individuals spoil the ambience for everyone else.” Mr O’Brien said.
“Duporth Avenue in Maroochydore is a growing entertainment and social meeting precinct so is being monitored in the interests of public safety,” Mr O’Brien said.
Mr O’Brien said that the installation of CCTV in other locations on the Sunshine Coast has helped serve as a deterrent to would be law breakers.
“CCTV cameras are a valuable resource for our local police force to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour. The Coalition is committed to keeping our community safe.” Mr O’Brien said.
Mr O’Brien said this funding would also enhance the work of the Sunshine Coast Council.
“Only a Coalition Government will deliver these much-needed safety improvements to the area,” he said.