LNP offers fair go for commuters

Andrew Powell

Andrew Powell
Andrew Powell - State Member for Glass House

Member for Glass House has welcomed the announcement by Campbell Newman that a CanDo LNP Government would reduce the cost of commuting for loyal public transport users by reintroducing discounted weekly fares for go-card users.
Mr Powell said regular commuters who used go-cards to travel on buses, trains, and ferries in South East Queensland nine times in a week would be rewarded with any additional trips free.
“This will be a real saving and an incentive to use public transport to and from work, with the trip home on Friday free, and bonus free weekend travel,” Mr Powell said.
“The LNP will reward daily commuters and bring the cost of living down. After working all week, your trip home on Friday will be free and you can go to the movies or even down to the beach on the weekend for free.
“Under the tired, 20-year Labor government, the cost of public transport tickets is doubling over the next five years, and not surprisingly, public transport’s share of commuters has stagnated for the past 15 years.
“The Bligh government has failed commuters by forcing up prices – while failing to provide a reliable, frequent and safe public transport network.
“For commuters, public transport has become too expensive and unreliable,” Mr Powell concluded.