Let The Crikey Crew Help You Say…’I Do’

Elopement At Australia Zoo

Australia Zoo is delighted to share our world-famous zoological gardens for those planning an ultimate marriage proposal and wedding ceremony whilst being surrounded by beautiful wildlife. 

Elopement At Australia Zoo
Elopement At Australia Zoo

The Perfect Proposal and Enchanting Elopement packages provide a quintessential location for you to mark the special occasion with your loved one, providing complete flexibility and accommodating both small and large numbers of guests. 

Wildlife Warriors Bindi Irwin and Chandler Powell tied the knot at Australia Zoo and introduced the wildest location that two people could choose for beginning a new chapter of their life.

“It was a magical experience to have our wedding at the zoo, a place dearest to our hearts and with so many loving animals surrounding us. I would recommend this to anyone who is deeply fond of wildlife, or would simply like to have a unique and unforgettable special day,” said Bindi Irwin. 

The Enchantment Elopement package is designed to remove the everlasting planning required for a wedding and gives you a wonderful experience with wildlife and wild places around you. 

“Great planning, great communication, and plenty of great small touches. It’s an incredible life experience that is well priced, well planned and full of magical furry friends and experiences,” said Scott and Arrianne, who recently eloped at Australia Zoo. 

This package includes a dedicated wedding coordinator along with private animal experiences for the couple, a certificate of marriage, professional photography, a bridal hamper and more!

Australia Zoo’s popular zoological gardens also provide a beautiful setting for planning a romantic wedding proposal. 

With keepers passionately spreading knowledge about their animals’ unique personalities , the Perfect Proposal package offers a private encounter with an animal of your choice along with expert photography to capture your special moment. 

Australia Zoo’s popular zoological gardens also provide a beautiful setting for planning a romantic wedding proposal. 

“The staff at Australia Zoo were all amazing and were able to keep my proposal plans secretive until the last minute. If anybody is looking for an extremely unique and memorable experience, then Australia Zoo is definitely the place to do it,” said Kurt, who recently got engaged at Australia Zoo.

“If you have a passion for animals and want to make your proposal as memorable as possible, then this unique experience is for you,” said Jesse, also engaged at Australia Zoo.

By planning these celebratory moments at Australia Zoo, you are contributing to conservation directly, and helping us achieve a world where people and wildlife live harmoniously alongside each other. 

To find out more, visit www.australiazoo.com.au.