Learn how to grow your own backyard bushfood

Sunshine Coast Council - Queensland - Australia

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Sunshine Coast Council’s Living Smart Program and Libraries presents free Backyard Bushfood workshops at various locations across the Coast throughout June 2012.
Presenters Graeme White and Veronica Cougan established Witjuti Grub Bushfood Nursery located in Kenilworth in 1996 and specialise in quality native bushfood plants for the home gardener and commercial grower.
Graeme and Veronica have helped establish Bushfood gardens in over 50 schools and hundreds of private properties in addition to consulting in the establishment of a number of commercial bushfood orchards.
Be captivated by Graeme’s presentation on native plants that provide flavoursome food sources or other uses and how to grow them. Graeme shares his extensive knowledge that explores the timeless potential of our unique wild food flavours and bushfood that have sustained Traditional Custodians for thousands of years.
To learn how to grow flavoursome native plants, book today online at council’s library website or by phoning one of your local libraries.