Laugh along with Mrs Brown's Boys D' Movie

From the moment the lights went down you begin the hilarious journey of Mrs Browns Boys. Unlike the TV show this one is all about Mrs Brown and her fruit and veg stall in Moore Street, Dublin.
Don’t expect a complex plot as it’s not unlike what has been seen before, with Anges Brown having a large tax bill that needs to be sorted or risk loosing her stall.
Plus there is a developer who has a crooked politician in his pocket, and uses Russian thugs to encourage stall holders to sell out or get out.
This movie is a great slapstick comedy with some great moments that will have you laughing so hard your ribs will hurt, even with some of the more predictable moments.
With some blind ninja’s and a barrister with Turrets Syndrome how can you go wrong? It is a bit silly in parts and almost cringe worthy at times, but the well placed comedy that Mrs Brown is known for lets you forget and forgive.
They have even left some of the bloopers in the film, this just enhances the movie and makes you laugh more.
I couldn’t sit still through this movie as I was laughing so hard I was almost falling out of my chair. I truly enjoyed the movie as I do the sitcom.