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Carren Smith

Carren Smith
Carren Smith Hinterland Connect's guest presenter

This economy has you by the throat, you’ve tried just about everything to get more customers through your door, you’re bottom line is showing signs of stress, and so are YOU! There has got to be another way! There has got to be a way to ‘get to the front of the line’ with your business so that YOU not only survive these trying times, YOU THRIVE!
Did you know that even in this contracting economy, 1% of people are still earning 92% of the income being generated? What does it take to ‘get to the front of the line’ and become part of this 1%? Do you have to work harder? Do you have to DO more? Do you have to downsize? Do you have to advertise more? Spend more money with little or no return? Or do you just have to wait for a miracle? No, none of these…………….Your first step is to secure your seat at the Hinterland Connects event on the 11th October 2011 at the Big Barrel Maleny to discover the key to out-performing the economy and getting your business to ‘The Front of the Line’!
Hinterland Connects is Regional Networking Event hosted by Maleny Commerce and supported by both Montville and Glasshouse Chambers of Commerce, and has been hugely successful over the past 3 years, as a must attend event for hinterland businesses.
Maleny Commerce President, Stephen Dittmann said we are very fortunate to have highly sought after speaker Carren Smith as guest presenter at our next Hinterland Connects. Having spoken for groups from 20 to 2000, Carren leaves her audience feeling inspired to take action and make positive changes in their life, their business and in their relationships.
For Hinterland Connects, Carren has designed a unique and tailored presentation package to take our hinterland businesses to ‘The Front of the Line’
Don’t miss this opportunity for YOUR Business… your seat today!
The next Hinterland Connects networking event will be held at the Big Barrel Maleny from 5:00pm on Tuesday 11th October 2011.
For further information on Maleny Commerce and Hinterland Connects visit, email or phone 0434 817 301.
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