Landsborough railway car park lobby group formed

Landsborough Railway Car Park

Landsborough Railway Car Park
Landsborough Railway Car Park

State Member for Caloundra, Mark McArdle today announced a Landsborough car parking committee will be formed to lobby the state government to provide more car parking at the railway station.
“Community leaders, businessmen and myself met with members of the Department of Transport recently to discuss concerns of car parking around Landsborough Railway Station.
“Five members of the Minister’s office attended Landsborough to hear concerns of local residents, including business owners and community leaders highlighting the need for planning to be undertaken now given the scarcity of car parking around the railway station.
“The problem has been alleviated somewhat with limited timed parking to occur in certain areas, but that is only a short term solution.
“We need a long term answer and the members of the Minister’s office were left in no doubt that the growing population of the Coast will continue to use Landsborough as the major bus and rail interconnect for years to come.
“Land is available on the opposite side of the current car parking facility, which can be utilised and was in fact considered at one point in time.
“A formal committee will be formed in the near future to lobby the Minister directly and hopefully we will have a solution shortly.
“The immediate solution would be opening up that land adjacent to the railway station that would cope with many cars on a daily basis” concluded Mr McArdle.