Labor’s hit list for Sunshine Coast charities revealed

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LNP LogoThe Bligh government has been left red faced after the Federal Government identified the reason it back-flipped on a controversial retrospective pay regulation for the community sector.
According to the LNP Shadow minister for Community Services Fiona Simpson Canberra rightly blamed an inaccurate list of community groups provided by the Bligh Government.
“There were serious questions remaining as to why the “Minister Struther’s hit list” of 316 organisations supplied to the Federal Government had been drawn up without consultation with the industry or consideration that many would not receive financial support,” Ms Simpson said.
“When I raised this in Parliament with the minister earlier this month — this arrogant minister laughed it off.
“It was only after the LNP put pressure on the Federal Government — did they finally listen to the concerns of the community sector.
“The Federal Minister made it clear the reason for withdrawing the regulation was it was based on wrong advice from the Queensland Government.
“Federal Minister Chris Evans said he was withdrawing the regulation due to concerns about “the accuracy of the list of employers; and the ability of some employers to meet the back pay requirements.
“The retrospective elements of the regulation were onerous and not fully funded, leaving some service providers to the State’s most vulnerable facing crippling bills with only a few weeks’ notice.
The new law was due to come into effect from October 1, imposing 18 months of retrospective back pay for 316 community service providers.
“It was an embarrassing blunder by the Bligh government – and the Queensland groups have only been saved due to the Federal Government’s willingness to listen – something the incompetent Bligh government failed to do.
“The LNP wants to see all workers fairly paid and according to the law.
“But this was a typical bungle by this tired 20 year old Labor Bligh government and the issue was made worse by the clueless Community Services Minister Karen Struthers.