Labor rag trade, red tape, backdown

Jann Stuckey

Jann Stuckey
Jan Stuckey

The LNP has forced the long-term Labor government to back down on its onerous red tape for outworkers in the local clothing manufacturing industry.
LNP Shadow Minister for Tourism, Manufacturing and Small Business Jann Stuckey said the media statement issued by the government last week proved Labor had got it so wrong.
“Minister Cameron Dick has been such a captive of his union mates, he’s forgotten the impact of this on local workers and local manufacturing,” Jann Stuckey said.
“For months the LNP has been calling on the government to consult with affected businesses and simplify the red-tape associated with Labor’s Mandatory Code of Practice for outworkers in the clothing industry.
“Cameron Dick and the Attorney-General Paul Lucas have cost local jobs and sent clothing work offshore where businesses don’t have to comply with the ridiculous level of paperwork.
“Labor has run around screaming about cracking-down on ‘sweatshops’ when all it’s done is frustrate local contract workers and force what’s left of local manufacturing offshore.
“You’d think a Labor government would be focussed on protecting local jobs and local manufacturing – the only jobs Cameron Dick and his Labor mates are interested in looking after is their own.
“Their witch-hunt, under the guise of this Mandatory Code of Practice, has damaged businesses and local jobs.
“Cameron Dick and Paul Lucas, who’s heading off to retirement, ought to get out of their fancy city offices and go and talk with local manufacturing companies and outworkers to hear first-hand how they’ve got this so wrong.
“Instead of discussing their policies with those who have to administer and live with the red-tape and paperwork, they rushed out and introduced ridiculous reporting conditions that would put Stalinist bureaucrats to shame.
“We can’t have growth in the Queensland economy without a change of government. We need to get Queensland back on track.”
*Government media statement attached