Labor double crosses dialysis patients

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LNP LogoThe tired and lazy Bligh Government now has dialysis patients in their sights as the next victims to be robbed of beds, chairs and essential health services, the State Opposition said today.
Shadow Health Minister Mark McArdle was horrified to receive the leaked email revealing Labor had demanded cuts and closures at facilities which treat some of Queensland’s most at risk patients.
“Labor has been caught out once again, this time ordering the closure of beds and isolation chairs as well as reducing the number of treatment sessions within already grossly under-funded dialysis units,” Mr McArdle said.
“Labor had stooped to new lows, cheating critical patients out of access to renal unit services.
“Every Health Minister from Robertson to Lucas to Wilson has received the same brief from desperate Doctors warning them that dialysis services are at breaking point – yet Labor has done nothing for twenty years.
“The fact is, if someone is on dialysis, they are very, very ill and should not be made to suffer because of Labor’s economic incompetence, and disgraceful mismanagement of Queensland Health.”
Mr McArdle said access to dialysis machines was vital for Queenslanders with kidney disease to stay alive.
“Queensland’s dialysis patients are already being forced to suffer long delays, with some receiving treatment at hospitals running at 160 per cent capacity, and Labor wants to worsen their pain.
“Experts have even warned more Bligh Government cuts will force patients to travel long distances which will compromise quality care and could lead to an ‘earlier death’.
“This is a stark example of how waste from things like Labor’s failed health payroll system, costing Queensland taxpayers $220 million to fix, is directly impacting frontline health services.
“The LNP will cut waste and improve access to vital heath services,” said Mr McArdle.