Kings Beach and Happy Valley boardwalk lights up

12 August, 2014
Author: Charles Hodgson

Romance, relaxation and a chance to reconnect with nature.
An evening stroll along Kings Beach to Happy Valley boardwalk offers all this plus the chance to get in a bit of exercise.
And thanks to new lighting the boardwalk is now a lot safer as well.
Sunshine Coast Division 2 councillor Tim Dwyer, members of the Caloundra SAFE Committee recently celebrated the new lighting, all agreeing it makes one of Caloundra’s best pieces of infrastructure more accessible to more people.
Cr Dwyer said the committee, which includes representatives from Sunshine Coast Council, Queensland Police, community organisations, Sunshine Coast Access Advisory Group and Meridan State College, had raised concerns about the safety of people using the boardwalk at night.
“Council acknowledged their concerns and agreed the best solution was to install lights along this popular coastal pathway,” Cr Dwyer said.
“While we knew it would be a welcomed decision, we’ve been overwhelmed by the number of people who have come forward to congratulate council on improving what was already a great asset.
“A healthy lifestyle is one of this council’s major goals and the coastal pathway encourages an active community.
“It’s imperative that the lighting balances the needs of the community from a safety perspective and at the same time respects the amenity of local residents – especially during these short winter days – so residents and visitors can more conveniently get out and about.
“A range of community groups also use the areas at either end of the boardwalk at Happy Valley and Kings Beach, so the lighting will benefit them as well.
“The design ensures the least light spill and therefore the least impact on neighbouring residents, nesting turtles and migratory birds.
“The lighting is also soft, making it a lovely place to take stroll with your partner so it’s a win all around.”
Cr Dwyer said the $86,600 project also allowed for additional lighting, if required.
“It was great the Caloundra SAFE Committee supported council in bringing this lighting project to fruition,” he said.
“People love that this pathway, along such a beautiful stretch of our coastline, can be used by so many more people at all hours of the day and night.
“There are seats to sit and relax, watch the ships go past, listen to the ocean and appreciate how lucky we are to live in such a great location.”
Caloundra Tourism and Events chair Bill Darby agreed.
“We have a lot of international guests through Rumba Resort and their feedback is that the Coastal pathway is first class,” Mr Darby said.
“There would not be a marketing campaign where we don’t mention the coastal pathway as the hero investment.
“This new lighting extends its usage, linking two magnificent areas – Kings Beach and Happy Valley. What an amazing asset to showcase to the world.”
Caloundra SAFE Committee chairman Ron Strong said the organisation appreciated the new lighting.
“A number of people we spoke to were concerned about the area and once it became dark, they wouldn’t go there,” Mr Strong said.
“This will make a big difference as it’s a great leisure area.
“We are pleased the Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design safety audit was carried out by Queensland Police and Caloundra SAFE Committee to identify issues, and to support council in making Caloundra as safe as possible.”