Kenilworth comes alive

27 September, 2011
Author: Charles Hodgson

What a vibrant weekend. Kenilworth came alive again with the colourful opening of the coveted ‘Kenilworth Art Prize’, the $ 15.000 Acquisitive Painting Prize last Friday at the Kenilworth Hall.
This year’s winner is local artist Pamela Black with her winning painting ‘Mary River Glimpse’. Ms. Black has achieved to capture the chiaroscuro of the bush. She says: ‘my colours are not always naturalistic but still relate to the landscape in a vibrant way.
Other winning artists are:
3 Dimensional Works:

  • 1st Michael Wootton; Post Modern-Mail Order Bride
  • Highly Commended: Jeff Franklin


  • 1st Brett Jones, Empty Vessel
  • Highly Commended: Shirley Strano


  • Mary Valley View Point:
  • 1st Anne Yang, Valley View.
  • Highly Commended: 110 Linda Jones


  • 1st Tricia Reust, A Crying Shame
  • Highly Commended: Chris Blake, Keith Blake, Sue Needham


  • 1st Mal Hunter, Grandad’s Chair
  • Highly Commended: Dianne Summers

Human Form:

  • 1st Chris Postle, Still Waters Run Deep (Maddie)

Animal Life:

  • 1st Sandra Temple, Patterns in the Lace
  • Highly Commended: Mary Roath


  • 1st Kym Barrett, Tip Toe Throught the Tulips?
  • Highly Commended: Kerrie Atkins

Youth Art:

  • Natalie Harris, Consumed
  • Highly Commended: A Richardson,  L Gunton

Children’s Art

  • 1st Demi Leighton – 940 – Twilight
  • 1st Indianna Hunter – 902 -Inside My Locker
  • 1st Celeste Cockram – 937 – The Ocean
  • 1st Kieran Bradford – 928 – The Jetty

Highly Commended:

  • Clancy Bennett – Hand Snail
  • Toby Engle – Splash
  • Kailani Tomkins – A Lonely Night
  • Jet Murdoch – The X-Ray

The weekend started with the ever-popular Poet’s Breakfast early on Saturday morning. It was a great hit with the early birds. The performances of the poets left the crowd in stitches.
As part of KENILWORTH CELEBRATES! “CHRISTOS” had his debut opening last Saturday and the show will be on display at St John Bosco’s Church in KENILWORTH for one week from 24th September 2011. Kathleen’s art explores what it means to be human:- our fragility, our emotional and physical suffering, our serenity and our moments of superb joy, in her provoking body of work entitled “CHRISTOS”. She says, “Our experiences are often universal but our responses always remain personal. This otherness called faith is investigated, and reference is made to the history, narratives and motifs of this ancient belief system.”
The town of Kenilworth came alive with vibrant colours and activities through music, street theatre, markets, open day of the Kenilworth Rural Fire Brigade and a movie premiere. Other highlights of the weekend were the Sunshine Coast Symphony Orchestra and Dinner, Fence Painting and some entertaining buskers were about.
Rod Bloomer the festival organiser said the weekend was a great success again and we still have the painting workshops this coming week. The workshops are getting bigger and better every year. Mr. Bloomer the workshop organizer has created a niche for art lovers and with his superb choice of tutors; he was able to attract students from all over Australia.
Once again Kenilworth Celebrates! has contributed to its high expectations by being one of the best Art Festivals on the Sunshine Coast. This would not be possible without the help of the sponsors all volunteers, and the supportive local community.
Article and pictures by Birgit Kehr