Kawana Waters students take centre stage

Katelyn Townsend while playing the role of ‘Mrs Linde.’

Look out Hollywood and Broadway. Following in the footsteps of former Kawana Waters State College (KWSC) students who now find themselves performing at the Moulin Rouge and New York Film Academy, more than 25 senior students are well on the way to having their name up in lights, with the talented performers having honed their live performance skills at the college’s Senior Performing Arts Evening held recently.
KWSC Senior Drama Teacher and Director of the College Theatre Company Ricki-Lee Bernhardt-Turpin said the event had provided some of the college’s music and drama students with invaluable experience in presenting to a live audience.
“It’s one thing to learn and practise music and drama techniques be

Katelyn Townsend while playing the role of ‘Mrs Linde.’
Katelyn Townsend while playing the role of ‘Mrs Linde.’

hind closed doors, but performing in front of a live audience teaches students about adapting to different contexts and communicating the connection they have made with their music and drama piece to those watching,” Ms Bernhardt-Turpin said.
“The students have relished the opportunity to perform outside the classroom and enjoyed feeling the adrenalin rush that comes with presenting to a live audience.”
Ms Bernhardt-Turpin said senior students were currently studying a style of theatre known as ‘realism theatre’ and developing an understanding of the virtuosi — that is, performing artists with outstanding technical ability in singing or playing a musical instrument —  with a focus on the development of repertoire from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic and 20th century eras.
“As part of KWSC’s Senior Music and Senior Drama courses, students have been assessed based on their understanding of virtuosity in performance and their ability to present to a live audience at the recent performance evening.”
KWSC Principal Paul Williamson said students had displayed a level of commitment that was second to none, and, in true KWSC style, the performances were of the highest calibre.
“KWSC possesses a solid track record in producing talented performers, with some of our past students having gone on to perform at the Moulin Rouge and be accepted into the New York Film Academy and the Brent Street Dance Company (Australia’s leading performing arts centre),” Mr Williamson said.
“We have also had a number of students who have gone on to pursue successful careers in acting, directing, costume design, scriptwriting, drama, dance, sound management and music.”
Mr Williamson attributed the continued success of KWSC’s performing arts students to their raw ability and dedication, as well as the talented array of teachers within the Arts Faculty.
“I’m proud to say KWSC is home to some of the best and most highly qualified arts teachers in South East Queensland, with some faculty staff possessing more than 20 years of industry experience and having performed with prestigious organisations including the Sydney Dance Company.”
“Our arts teachers bring a broad range of skills and expertise to KWSC, possessing in-depth knowledge regarding dance, music, choreography and scriptwriting, right through to sculpture, drawing, curating and painting.”
Mr Williamson said the college also places a strong emphasis on providing students with formal qualifications where possible to assist them in their future careers, offering a Certificate II in Live Production, Theatre and Events.
“We recognise formal qualifications go a long way in assisting students to break into the entertainment industry, and believe this course is of particular value as it develops a wide range of skills beyond solely acting and performing.”
KWSC offers a number of specialist arts programs and extra-curricular activities which have proved popular with students from both the primary and secondary campuses.
For more information regarding KWSC and the art programs on offer, visit www.kawanawaterssc.eq.edu.au, email the.principal@kawanawaterssc.eq.edu.au or call the secondary campus on (07) 5493 3388.