Katter's Mark Meldon says a vote for us is NOT a vote for the ALP

Meldon_KatterKatter’s Australian Party Candidate for Fisher Mark Meldon, today sought to dispel assertions made in a campaign by the LNP claiming that a vote for Katter’s Australian Party was a vote for Labor.
Mr Meldon said, “You are welcome to vote for whoever you like and I encourage you to vote for the Libs if you would like the country to continue down the road we are going.  This includes selling off our farmland, selling public assets, sending our jobs overseas, making our farmers compete with heavily subsidised overseas competition, offering no opposition to the dominance of Coles and Woolworths.  You can endorse all this and vote Liberal however, if you want someone to take them on consider us.
“Please do not fall victim to a very effective and devious media campaign from the Liberal Party trying to tie us to Labor (ALP).
“Here are some facts for you to consider before you give your vote to someone else:

  • There are 150 seats in the lower house of Australia.  We are running in 65 of these and are preferencing ALP in 5 or 6 seats.  I would say from this that we are heavily preferencing the Liberal party (not that we endorse them).
  • In the upper house (senate) we are running in 7 states and have preferenced ALP in one of these(QLD).  Our preferences to ALP in QLD however are useless to them as we will have no overflow from our senate anyway.
  • We did do a deal over the above mentioned seats that made ALP preference us against the greens who we are determined to remove from parliament.  No other major party are able to remove the greens on this basis so Queenslanders should be happy that we are now able to get rid of this scourge of Australian politics.
  • The Liberals are hypocritical as it was their preferences in the last federal election that delivered us Adam Bandt the first ever Greens lower house member in Canberra.  Their preferences got the greens into the lower house.
  • The Liberals and nationals have preferenced the ALP over One Nation in the past to get rid of them.

” The Liberals have literally spent millions this campaign on trying to put this message out there.  This is instead of debating us or, at the very least, telling the people how they are going to rescue the decline of small business, farming and agriculture throughout the country.  Why would they focus all this attention on this one message.  The answer is because we are committing to what they should be.  We have replaced the National Party and they need to counter that.  They are not countering it with any commitments just devious political spin.
“They would have a campaign advertising budget of around $10M.  We had a central advertising budget of $30k so you can understand that it has been very difficult for us to counter this lie.
“If you want someone to stick up for the Little Guy, the small business owner, the farmer and the worker then you should consider us.  I can guarantee you that the fundamental things are going wrong with the country will not change under this government.  Cutting waste and the carbon tax are good things to do and we will support them but our problems are so much bigger than that and they will never commit to the solutions”, Mr Meldon concluded.