Katter makes for an entertaining lunchtime in Buderim

There were plenty of locals ready to have an audience with Bob

Bob Katter was in Buderim today in support of the local candidates for his Katter’s Australia party in the upcoming State Election.
The high profile federal politician was quite an attraction at the Buderim cafe with people of all ages taking the opportunity to come and talk to the man in the “Hat”.
In a passionate interview with the media Mr Katter was humbled by the reception he was getting from everyday Australians proclaiming, “The people are with us!”
Mr Katter said that he  saw little difference between the two major parties and described local State Members as “the greatest bunch of non-performers in the history of the world”.
Mr Katter was annoyed that our greatest export was our jobs and that every day Australia sends more and more manufacturing overseas, reducing Australia to little more than a quarry.
Mr Katter has in his sights the duopoly of Coles and Woolworths and if elected would re-regulate the dairy industry.
You can listen to edited highlights of Bob Katter’s interview below. (Warning, it’s long)
Extended Bob Katter Interview