Jumping for a healthy, longer life

Students at Caloundra Christian College participate in this year’s “Jump Rope for Heart”

The children at Caloundra Christian College learn healthy habits right from Prep – and this was evident today with the whole Primary school participating in the Heart Foundation’s “Jump Rope for Heart” event this morning.
This Australia-wide event was established in 1983, and each year, around 40,000 children from over 2,000 schools participate, fundraising for the Heart Foundation and the fight against heart disease and stroke. To date, over $1,300,000.00 has been raised by Australian children in 2012 alone. And schools can track this progress online, with a ‘National Leaderboard’ showing the top four schools and the amounts they have raised.
The top school has raised almost $27,000.00 for the Heart Foundation! And students can also win prizes, depending on the amount they raise – from x-Boxes and iPod touches through to Night Vision goggles and Rebel Sport gift vouchers.
“This year, we decided to run things differently,” said Mr Brian Megson, Head of Primary. “We’re using ‘Jump Rope for Heart’ as part of a whole week’s worth of activities on ‘Healthy Habits’, from teaching the children about eating healthy and exercising to playing safely in the sun, washing their hands… and even completing their homework!”
Approximately 200 students participated, along with 40 international students.